About Parking Vault

All real estate developments start with parking. Yet, creating parking is costly with little return on investment. The philosophy-the focus on the people and buildings in the development, not on cars-led to the creation of Parking Vault.

The best automation engineers in the industry designed Parking Vault to be the fastest, most efficient automated parking solution-putting cars in parking spaces within 34 seconds. With state-of-the-art technology, Parking Vault solves the parking dilemma on less land, with less investment for the developer.

The numbers:


  • Parking Vault uses 2,534 cubic ft. per car
  • Parking Vault uses 12,286 sq. ft. or 84% less are than surface parking


  • Ramp parking uses 4,125 cubic ft. per car
  • Surface parking uses 83,300 sq. ft. of land for 250 cars

Click here to download a pdf brochure (English)
Click here to download a pdf brochure (Arabic)