How does it work?

Drivers pull into one of Parking Vault’s six in-bound transfer rooms. The driver then removes his/her belongings, locks the car and steps into the kiosk room. Here, they answer important questions, get a unique identifier for the vehicle, and then are done and can leave the parking facility. The system takes over as the car is grasped by the tires and lifted a mere quarter inch by the ‘mule.’ Then, Parking Vault’s patented technology takes over, simultaneously rotating, lifting, and moving the vehicle vertically to the appropriately-sized parking shelf.

Is it safe?

Parking Vault was designed with safety in mind. The automated transfer device does not enter the bay until the driver and all passengers have exited the transfer room. Because the system was designed with no rails or tracks, the floor is completely free of trip hazards. This makes each Parking Vault facility safe for drivers and passengers as well as ADA compliant.

What is the capacity of the Parking Vault?

The standard system parks 250 cars, but Parking Vault can help you customize the system to meet your requirements.

What is included when I purchase Parking Vault?

  • Two vehicle transport systems referred to as ‘mules’
  • Operating software
  • Customizable self-serve kiosks
  • Detailed structural plans for building the Parking Vault structure

What size cars can it accommodate?

Parking Vault was designed to accommodate a variety of cars from Smart cars to large extended-cab pickups. The standard system has a mixed capacity of 80 small cars, 80 mid-sized vehicles and 90 large vehicle spaces. However, the size of the spaces can be adjusted for your market. If you only want mid-sized vehicles, Parking Vault’s modular design can accommodate.

How long does it take to park and retrieve cars?

When you install a system with two mules (the motors that move the cars vertically and horizontally while rotating), the system can park or retrieve two cars in 34 seconds. During peak pick up times, vehicle owners will be notifies of their wait time to retrieve their cars via the kiosk in the lobby.